About the Book

“The Whooping Cough Germ That Became a Hero” is a children’s non-fiction book by Dr. Richard Macdonald. The author explains how his father, Dr. Hugh Macdonald, tested the whooping cough vaccine on Richard’s four older brothers with the help of his mother, nurse Edith Jersild Macdonald. By providing proof that the vaccine worked, the Macdonalds have helped save countless lives around the world. With whooping cough, or pertussis, on the rise again, Dr. Macdonald felt the time was right to show children and their parents how important it is to get the vaccine against pertussis, which can sometimes be deadly.

Read what others are saying:

“The book by Richard G. Macdonald, The Whooping Cough Germ that Became a Hero is ideal reading for children and their parents while in a pediatrician's office waiting room. It reinforces, in an age-appropriate manner, the need for Immunization to protect not only the child but also his family and others in the populations.”

- Ronald B. Miller, M.D., FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Emeritus; founding Chief of the Renal Division and founding Director of the Program in Medical Ethics, Department of Medicine; past president UCI Emeriti Association; past Chair Ad Hoc Committees on Ethics and Academic Integrity, Academic Senate, School of Medicine and College of Health Sciences, University of California, Irvine.

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